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5 Different Ways to Burn Calories

5 Different Ways to Burn Calories


Sure, sometimes you enjoy hitting the pavement for a pounding run.  And yes, you often relish the exhilaration of the HIIT classes at FIT36.  But even though exercise can be downright fun, sometimes you actually want the biggest bang for your buck – you want the HIGHEST calorie burning workout.  Or, perhaps you’re simply curious about how many calories your favorite exercise actually burns.  Below we’ve listed our top favorite exercises, and just how many calories you can expect to burn while giving it your all.


The below calorie burn rates are based on a 150-pound person doing the activity for a solid 30 minutes.  If you’re a little more, plan on a slightly higher burn.  If you’re a little less, decrease the total a bit.


  1. Long to bend it like Beckham?  If you’re seeking a killer workout that truly torches calories (450-700, to be exact), consider reliving your soccer league years and join an adult soccer team.  With its quick movements and periods of sprinting and jogging, you’ll get super fit while having some serious fun.  Bonus: you’ll be more than primed for the needed explosive moves thanks to your HIIT classes.  You’re welcome.
  2. Are you most at home on a body of water?  Aside from being really fun, water sports can significantly bump up your daily calorie burn.  Whether you favor stand-up paddleboarding (200-300), water skiing (220), snorkeling (around 200), or good old-fashioned freestyle-swimming (250-350, depending on speed), water activities are a great way to soak up the best summer has to offer, while burning calories and building muscle tone at the same time.
  3. Be a do-gooder.  Want to check off the “give back and help others” box while still getting a decent workout?  With so much need in our community, opportunities for helping others abound.  The local assisted living center might need their lawn cut or a new garden built (landscaping: 200-300).  The local food pantry might need a hardbody to schlep around boxes and bags of donated food (110).  Or, for an extra-large dose of warm fuzzies, consider signing on with Habitat for Humanity (right here!  to help build and repair homes for low-income folks  (painting, repairing, building overall making the world a better place: 160-300).
  4. Want to do it on foot?  Instead of meeting friends for coffee or lunch (a paltry 15), suggest a get together on the trail.  Some of the best conversations and catching-up can be had while hoofing it outdoors.  Whether you opt to meet for a brisk neighborhood walk (170), a jog (350), or even at a trailhead for a challenging hike (210), this is some multi-tasking that can enhance your body and spirit.
  5. And the very best?  Not to brag, but HIIT is, hands-down, the most effective calorie-burning and strength-building exercise to be found.  Not only does the 36-minute HIIT class burn upwards of a whopping 450 calories, but you’ll continue to torch calories for hours after the class is over.  And thanks to our in-class heart rate monitoring, we’ll make sure you stay in your prime calorie-burning zone for as long as possible. 

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