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36 Ways To Stay Fit This Summer

36 Ways To Stay Fit This Summer

Summer is on its way and June is National Get Outdoors month. Too many of us are stuck inside for far too many hours a day and might need some tips to help spark the creative juices and come up with ideas. To help you take full advantage the great outdoors, and because we love the number 36, we came up with a list of 36 ways to get your workout on, outside.

  1. Combine a great core exercise with a great quad burner and try Stand-Up Paddle boarding (SUP). Here are some great resources for beginners:
  2. Get those arms and back muscles burning with a day of kayaking. You can get out on calm lake waters or brave the rapids on some of our nations rivers. Here are some places to paddle near you: 
  3. If you want a great core exercise, grab a slackline kit and head to the park. Sure it may take a while to master this sport, but your abs will love you for it.
  4. While you may not have a beach nearby, find an outdoor Volleyball court and “spike” your heart rate for a few hours.
  5. Rock climbing is a great sport regardless of how high you climb and you can find places to climb in any state.
  6. Get a group together and sign up for a charity mud race. These obstacle course races are a fun way to not only get a work out in, but it gives you something fun to train for. 
  7. Take a hike.  It’s one of the best ways to spend an early morning or late afternoon. If you’re up for a real challenge, pick one of Colorado’s 14ers or one of America’s Hardest Day Hikes (ranked by Not ready for one that hard? Find other trails near you.
  8. Get that road bike tuned up and start tracking some summer miles. If you want to find a race to challenge yourself here’s a list of cycling events in the US:   
  9. Water parks aren’t just for kids and with all the stairs involved, you’re sure to get a great workout.  Not only are the slides actually fun, but the wave pool makes for some great exercise.
  10. What is playground equipment if not prime exercise tools?  Pull-ups, dips, and monkey bars are great exercise. Throw in a jump rope and you can rule the playground once again. 
  11. So fishing might be a bit more relaxing but National Fishing and Boating Week is June 4-12.  Many states offer free fishing and boating this week.  Check out more information here.
  12. Grab a basketball and some friends and head to the park for some hoops. 
  13. Why not do your “giving back” in the great outdoors?  Volunteers are often needed for trail maintenance or for various programs.  Find an opportunity here.
  14. Join a summer adult softball, soccer, or kickball league with some friends.
  15. Want access to the best cardio and strength equipment anywhere? Take the stairs for a great outdoor workout. If you are in Colorado check out the incline in Manitou Springs or the famous stairs at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Check out this awesome list of public outdoor stairways around the world.
  16. Get friends together for an intense Ultimate Frisbee game or Frisbee golf.
  17. Hit those outdoor pools. The lap lanes are often empty and during “Adult Swim” you can get in and make a splash. Consider taking a swim class to get you ready for a triathlon.
  18. Challenge yourself with a resistance running chute. These speed resistance parachutes can be purchased at any sporting equipment or online stores and then you can get out in the wide open grass areas for a morning of sprints.
  19. Get in the Olympic spirit by rounding up friends for water polo, or find a group at your local pool to join. This sport is an awesome way to get your cardio ramped up. 
  20. If road cycling is too tame for you, grab a mountain bike and get outside to become one with the dirt and rock trails near you.
  21. Create a Fitness Scavenger Hunt. Take one of your normal walking or running trails and come up with a list of landmarks (fire hydrants, mailboxes, flag pole, bench, etc.) and then create an exercise for each landmark. As you go out for your run or walk, stop and do the designated exercise each time you see that landmark.
  22. Get out in the garden. Sure it may not be the most fun task, but, at a cool 150 calories burned per 30 minutes of active weeding and gardening, it’s a great way to workout and get that yard work done.
  23. Horseback riding is fun, relaxing but a great core, quads and adductor workout. Why not spend some time becoming one with nature.
  24. Grab a pair of roller blades and hit the trails for a great lunchtime workout in the sun.
  25. Get out for some wakeboarding or waterskiing. If you don’t own a boat you may think you have to wait for a friend to invite you out for waterskiing, but most lakes have businesses that offer lessons or rides. Some lakes are now opening cable parks that pull wakeboarders. No boat needed.
  26. Whitewater Rafting is a great all over workout and gets you out enjoying the beautiful rivers in our country.
  27. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just want to pick up a racket recreationally, tennis is a great cardio workout for spring and summer.
  28. Grab a friend or two and forego the cart, for 18 holes of golf. If you are wanting to get in some time at the driving range after the sun sets, check your area for TopGolf locations. A great way to spend a summer evening.
  29. Another fun water sport is tubing and whether you choose a lazy river or a bumpier ride, you’re sure to have a great time.
  30. Playing a game of horseshoes is fun, and to make it a greater fitness challenge, add in burpees, pushups, or other exercises for shoes landing in different spots.  
  31. What better way to begin or end your day than with yoga on the beach or in the park? Make a point to get your stretching and quiet time in at least a couple times a week.
  32. Show your Ninja Warrior skills with a fun parkour workout. Checkout the top 10 parkour spots in the United States.  
  33. Why not combine outdoor hikes and runs with a little treasure hunting. With millions of geochaches hidden around the world, geocaching is a fun way to add a bit of competition with friends or family members. Get more information here. 
  34. Get in a leg workout as you hangout with your kids or just spend some quiet time at a lake on a peddle boat.
  35. Bocce Ball leagues are a fun and social way to get outside and get moving a little.
  36. Are you more comfortable on a bike than a horse? Checkout all the bike polo leagues in the United States. This wild sport will give you a great workout and only a few bruises.


We’d love to hear from you now. What other activities keep you moving outdoors during the summer? Let us know if you try any of these for the first time and how you liked them. Our close-knit studio communities at Fit36 area  perfect place to find summer “playmates” for any of these sports. Come in and check us out.


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