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2017: The Year of Simplicity

2017: The Year of Simplicity

If you’ve been paying attention to trends in books, fashion, and home-decorating, you know that the big focus for 2017 is SIMPLICITY.  People of all ages and all over the country are working on de-cluttering, paring down, and emptying out.  Minimalist wardrobes.  Empty space on shelves and countertops.  Cutting down on social commitments.  We even like our food simple – no artificial ingredients and uncomplicated recipes. 


One reason for the growing trend of simplicity is because a cluttered life and a cluttered space can often lead to a cluttered heart and mind.  We don’t realize the impact of “too much” in our lives until we free up some space . . . and then feel the positive effects.


Another reason why everyone is going crazy with the “less is more” approach?  It’s addictive as heck.  You clean out one closet and you’re itching to find more things to donate, pare down, and simplify.  Our souls crave space and cleanliness, and once we experience it a little, we only want more.


At FIT36, we’re proud to be a part of this growing trend.  Since our doors opened we have been committed to giving our clients more bang for their buck with no unnecessary time requirements, and no frills.  We long ago realized that hour-long classes can be a thing of the past.  Not only is it possible to achieve a complete workout in 36 minutes, but our HIIT sessions are extremely effective, and produce great results. 


In the 36 minutes of our sessions you’ll raise your metabolism and torch a ton of calories.  Come on a regular basis and you’ll increase your strength and muscle mass, and build an athletic endurance that will pay off in impressive ways in your day-to-day life.  Whether you’re an avid skier, rock climber, swimmer, or just like to be in kick-butt shape, our sessions will make sure you’re primed for whatever your day, or weekend, has in store. 


At our FIT36 classes we employ high-intensity interval training, which combines fast-paced cardio with powerful weight-training.  We know you’re busy, so we don’t waste a minute of your time.  We get you in and out, and get you in amazing shape while we do it.  You won’t get bored at our classes, and neither will your muscles, because every 2 weeks we change up the routine and exercises making the classes continuously effective and challenging.


If you make steps to simplify your life, you’ll be surprised at the peace of mind it brings you.  If you declutter, you’ll enjoy your home more.  If you cut down on social obligations, you’ll enjoy your friends and family more.  If you waste less time on unnecessary activities, you’ll enjoy your time at work or school more. 


Simplifying is one of those “try it and you’ll see” brands of discipline. And once you try it, we’re guessing that you won’t want to stop.  Our no-nonsense 36-minute sessions are a great step to a life of simplicity.  We know that your health and your fitness are important to you.  We’re committed to helping you reach your goals, no extras required.    

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