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Allie B

Growing up on the east coast, Allie had two passions: helping others, and athletics. From a young age Allie was a gymnast and a soccer player, in addition to dedicating a significant amount of time to studying and volunteer work. In college, she suffered an ankle injury and ended her soccer career. She focused on her studies and made the decision to apply to medical school with the goal of being a pediatrician. Along the way, Allie picked up a passion for long distance running, yoga, interval training, and other forms of group fitness.

She moved to Colorado in 2015 for fellowship in pediatric development and behavior, and quickly adapted to the Colorado culture. She has completed 3 obstacle races since then and is an avid athlete.  She hiked two 14ers this year and plans to tackle more soon. She works in fitness promotions as an ambassador for Fitlo Denver, educates others about the benefits of essential oils, is an ambassador for a local fitness clothing company, and is a proud adoptive mom of two rescue dogs. She continues to be incredibly passionate about helping others and athletics, and is excited to apply those passions in a group training setting.