Our Trainers

Our Trainers

Ned Matheson

Ned Matheson — FOUNDER

A personal trainer for the previous 7 years, Ned began this career with 24 Hour Fitness leaving there in 2011 to create a personal trainer business all his own. He is certified through the “National...

Brad Cooley

Brad Cooley

Brad Cooley — FOUNDER

Growing up, Brad played just about every sport out there, but soccer was the sport he chose to play for 15 years. With all of these sports comes the daily regimen of intense conditioning; cardio, strength,...

Kiyomi Takekoshi

Kiyomi Takekoshi - TRAINER

Born and raised in Southern California but lived half her life in Canada. Growing up she participated in swimming, gymnastics, karate, soccer, volleyball, softball, football, and floor hockey. She...

Brent Smothers

Brent Smothers - TRAINER

A native of Colorado, Brenton was always an active kid and played baseball throughout high school. Soon after high school, Brenton found a new passion, lifting weights. Something as simple as repetitiously...

Dariusz Franczak

Dariusz Franczak - TRAINER

  Dariusz was born and raised in Poland. As a child, Dariusz excelled in sports such as soccer, volleyball and badminton. At the age of 14, Dariusz moved to Chicago where his involvement...

Cali Rampton


Cali is a nationally certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). She has a strong background in functional movement and yoga with over eight years of experience...