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FIT36 and functional movement

FIT36 and functional movement

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At FIT36, we often talk about what High Intensity Interval Training can do for us. We like to emphasize general strength and endurance, but focus largely on balance and range of motion as well.  Our goal is to give you the most effective, safe and functional workout in 36 minutes.  To do this, a lot of thought goes into the movements we put into each circuit.  We build the circuits to resemble movements that we actually use during our daily activities, such as hiking, climbing, carrying heavy travel bags etc.  We like to think of these circuits as true functional training. FIT36 will not only create an aesthetically good looking body, but a body you can live a more active life with.

With all of that said, we found a very informative article on WebMD titled, Working Out for Real Life Functions (  This article discusses how the masses at big box gyms are often isolating single muscle groups rather than using multi-joint exercises that transfer into your everyday life.  Greg Roskopf is quoted in the article saying, “The key to functional exercise is integration. It's about teaching all the muscles to work together, rather than isolating them to work independently".

Are you up to the challenge of becoming a more fit YOU?  If you haven’t already, join us for a FREE WEEK at any of our nationwide studios.  We hope you love our workouts as much as we do. 

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