HIIT Workout

FIT36® HIIT circuits are the next level in physical training. By combining multiple high-intensity movements into one session, HIIT provides a full-body cardiovascular workout in much less time than traditional classes and weight training. Scientists around the world are validating the benefits of HIIT. A recent study conducted at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario showed that just one minute of all-out exercise may have similar benefits as 45 minutes of moderate exercise under 
certain circumstances. 

At FIT36® studios, HIIT classes are a circuit of intense exercises with brief rest periods between stations. This promotes muscle retention, while burning fat at a higher rate than many other popular and traditional workout methods. HIIT also generates after burn, or improved calorie burn, for hours after the workout is completed. The after burn effect is referred to in the fitness science world as EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) and studies have shown this phenomenon can last for up to several hours after a HIIT session. An increased resting metabolic rate after only a 36 minute workout? Count us in.  

On top of the potential top notch fat burn, at FIT36®, classes are created to help you control movements, increase speed, power, and endurance. Movements range from everyday pushing and pulling, to dynamic multi-plane exercises. You’ll use muscles you never knew you had. The functional training at FIT36® is designed to improve overall efficiency and strength to shape athletes of all levels; from the weekend warrior to an aspiring pro.

The movements in the FIT36® HIIT method are self-limiting and resistance focused, which pushes you to your max in a safe and efficient way. A professional personal trainer is on hand to ensure each class participant gets the most out of every station throughout the FIT36® class. You can also modify movements based on your strength and ability level, creating a more customized HIIT workout just for you.

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