Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Sep 16, 2017 by T. S.

It moved at a fast pace but the instructor was very helpful in showing what to do

Sep 15, 2017 by C. R.

The workouts are fun but challenging and the personal trainers are so helpful and encouraging.

Sep 14, 2017 by J. E.

Simple, get in, get after it, go live life.

Sep 13, 2017 by B. B.

Great fast and effective workouts

Sep 9, 2017 by M. D.

Nothing at this time

Aug 29, 2017 by J. T.

Great workout program! I enjoy being able to see how I am performing and then Tailor my workout to maximize the exercise I am working on. The staff is fun and professional. They always know my name and remember the fact that I have soreness in my back. The trainers are fun and encouraging. They push you at the perfect times.

Aug 29, 2017 by E. P.

Great workout, motivating instructors

Aug 29, 2017 by C. S.

I enjoy the positive feedback from the coaches and efficacy of the workout.

Aug 17, 2017 by C. C.

More affordable. More variety. Longer classes.

Aug 13, 2017 by H. K.

The willingness of the instructors to modify the exercises for me. The small class size was great too!

Aug 11, 2017 by A. S.

A complete full body workout in just 36 minutes, allowing me to get cardio and strength. Constantly challenging me. Since joining FIT36 I feel like I have to strive less and I enjoy more.

Aug 11, 2017 by V. L.

I like a longer class. I love the quick pace of 36.....but I enjoy working out longer the 36 minutes.

Aug 9, 2017 by K. O.

12 different excersises and one on one with instructor!

Aug 5, 2017 by S. D.

The staff, trainers, & changes in workouts in addition to the great support of others members. The challenges are also very motivating!

Aug 4, 2017 by T. L.

Friendly staff and pushing me to do my best

Aug 3, 2017 by H. L.

The variety of workouts; the instructors and instruction; the pace.

Jul 31, 2017 by M. R.

I enjoy the variety of classes, the total body workout, and the hands-on training!

Jul 27, 2017 by J. M.

It's a challenging workout that burns calories while strengthening muscles. Most of the instructors are high energy, too.

Jul 25, 2017 by C. C.

Everything, the not too big classes, the trainers/staff and of course, the work out.

Jul 23, 2017 by E. L.

It's very expensive