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  • Karen D.
    Denver, CO

    "Loved and needed the guidence from the awesome staff.It's very motivating to see your heart rate throughout the workout. It was so fun and fast and I burned 325 calories in 36 minutes."

  • Sarah B.

    "I cannot explain how amazing this place is. The workouts are always exciting, always different.  You will never get bored. The trainers are amazing, and super friendly. The schedule is awesome, and you can definitely find a class that works for you. The best part .. everyone feels welcome .. no matter how athletic you are. You make the workouts what you want. The trainers work with you, and care about what you get from it all."

  • Monique N.

    "The HIIT workouts are challenging. I really like being able to get a whole body workout in just 36 minutes. The workout is a circuit of 12 stations with one minute of work at each station and 30 seconds of rest in between. We do the circuit twice with a warm-up at the beginning and cool-down at the end. The circuit changes every two weeks too so it's always different"

  • Cynthia F.

    "I am a newbie to this style of workout and the staff and trainers have been so welcoming and are always friendly. They push me to work harder at every workout and I am one that needs that kind of motivation. They do have our best interest at heart. The class is done before you know it but I still leave knowing that I got that full body workout!"



Our method fuses metabolic resistance training (MRT) and intense cardio together to help build lean muscle and torch fat. Workouts rotate every two weeks to keep your body in a fitness evolution. Work smarter for faster results.


Each 36 minute class is designed for optimum efficiency. Heart rate monitors track your progress and keep you in the zone. And with encouraging trainers guiding you every step, the only thing you have to remember is your water bottle.


For the big swing. For the steep grade. For the long trek. For the journey itself. And, like the rest of us, you haven’t got a minute to waste. Find your strongest self with the FIT36® (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit.