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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Nov 22, 2017

You read about it. You think about it way too often. You worry you’re not getting enough. And when you do get it, you worry that it’s not the best it could be. Are you eating the right kind and enough protein?

Ditch the Nighttime Feeding Frenzy

Nov 15, 2017

You get your required daily amount of protein, you blast through your goal of getting 10,000 steps, and you’re practically swimming in leafy greens. But come nighttime, your willpower decides to turn in early leaving just you craving nighttime snacks.

Afterburn Effect – What is it?

Nov 8, 2017

There are plenty of benefits to our HIIT workouts that keep you coming back. You love the fact that each time you’re guaranteed a really great workout. Your busy schedule loves the fact that you’re in and out in less than 45 minutes. The trainers and fellow members are inspiring. And then there’s that whole “afterburn” phenomenon. You really dig that . . . you think?

What is the Best Time of Day to Work Out?

Nov 1, 2017

Have you ever wondered if your own personal best time to exercise really is the best? Even though you can’t stand to rise before 8am, should you bite the bullet and try the sunrise session at the studio?

Top Four Reasons Why You NEED to Measure your Heart Rate

Oct 25, 2017

By now you know that the HIIT classes you attend at FIT36 are unlike any other you’ve experienced. There are the trainers who work you really, really hard. And, of course, there are those heart rate monitors that everyone straps around their chest. Have you ever wondered if those little devices are truly necessary?

The Strong Mind/Strong Body Connection

Oct 18, 2017

Have you ever wondered how the mind and body connect with each other? If you’re naturally smart, are you more apt to have an easier time getting fit? What about vice-versa; does getting fit help your brain function more efficiently?

Is it Better to Work Out Alone, Or In a Group?

Oct 11, 2017

What’s your token workout style? Have you always been a solo act when it comes to working out, and all you need is you, your running shoes, and your headphones? Or are you all about exercise groupthink, and relish the instruction and collective energy that group classes provide?

How to Come Back Stronger After Injury

Sep 27, 2017

Getting an injury really sucks. But with a positive attitude, a growth mindset and some discipline, it is possible for you to come back post-injury stronger and better.

Can Food Help With Muscle Soreness?

Sep 20, 2017

Well, while there may be some truth to the “no pain, go gain” rule of exercise, there are a few foods that might be able to help control muscle soreness and muscle cramps.

How to Create a Fitness Plan That Actually Works

Sep 13, 2017

So, regarding your fitness, how DO you create an “improved” fitness plan that you’ll actually stick to?  One that does more than sound really great in theory (and in your braggy Facebook post)?

Should You Take a Break From Working Out?

Sep 6, 2017

Here are few things you need to know about the dangers of too much stress and the importance of relaxation. 

How to Get Ready for Fall Sports

Aug 30, 2017

Regardless of what activities you have planned for fall, this preseason time is one that you should be taking full advantage of to get yourself primed and ready.

How Fitness Can Help You Age Well

Aug 23, 2017

Retirement may seem eons away, but there are some very impactful things you can do NOW that can help determine just how healthy and active you’ll be once you reach those golden years... 

What You Might Not Know About FIT36

Aug 16, 2017

t’s natural to have questions about an innovative and unique exercise program such as FIT36, which is why we wanted to take this opportunity to tackle them.  So here are some things you might not know about FIT36. 

Should I Stretch Before or After a Workout?

Aug 1, 2017

You’d always heard that it’s best to stretch out after a workout- So who’s right?  Are you supposed to stretch before a workout, after cooldown, or both?

Should I Focus on Diet or Exercise More?

Jul 26, 2017

We’ve found that the two practices tend to fuel each other – eating well gives you energy for exercise, and exercising regularly helps inspire healthy eating.  However, if you’re going to pick just one to focus on, there are strong arguments for each.

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Jul 19, 2017

Since the high-intensity interval training workouts you do at FIT36 are so challenging, your nutrition requirements before and after are a little different than with standard exercise. 

Is HIIT Good for Beginners?

Jul 12, 2017

It’s true that if you walk into our fitness studio, you’ll probably see quite a few fit folks in our classes.  However, it’s definitely not a requirement.  In fact, our HIIT classes are great for beginners for a few reasons... 

Self-Limiting Exercise: What You Need to Know

Jul 5, 2017

Ever wondered what self-limiting movements are? We thought we’d shed a little light on that subject...

Is it Too Late to Get in Shape for This Wedding?

Jun 28, 2017

While there is no shortcut to getting fit and in shape, there are a few things that you can start doing today to get yourself in the best possible shape as you can, in the least amount of time.

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