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WellBiz Brands, Inc. Introduces a New 36-minute HIIT Workout Brand

Apr 1, 2015

​WellBiz Brands, Inc. (WellBiz), is introducing a new concept that takes fitness to a new level. With a targeted client range of the moderately fit to superior athletes, WellBiz is entering a new sector of the fitness industry with Fit 36, Inc. which franchises FIT36®. FIT36® studios house the next-level in fitness training; a 36-minute, high intensity interval training / HIIT workout that involves clients progressing through 12 different stations, completing each station twice, all while monitoring their heart rate and total amount of calories burned during the workout.

The FIT36® workout combines the proven success of the HIIT workout with personal trainers in a small group setting to provide an atmosphere perfect for the executive athlete and weekend warrior types looking to take their physical abilities to new heights. The FIT36® workout is also a great way to supplement a training regimen for athletes looking to tackle a major endurance event or other extreme sports. Trainers are present to motivate and keep members on track as they go through the 12 circuits, each of which involves 60 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. The circuits are changed bi-weekly to allow members to master each circuit safely while challenging their muscles to adapt over the course of the two week circuit.

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