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FIT36 Membership Included in Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 25, 2015

With endless gift choices for the holidays, things can get a little confusing when attempting to find what's right and what isn't. Recently, WellBiz Brands, Inc., one of the largest health and wellness organizations in the United States, compiled a list of gift ideas for the health conscious consumer. WellBiz, which manages the FIT36, LLC franchise entity, made a tidy list of seven items that consumers should consider before the gift giving commences. 

The entire Wellness Gift Guide is listed on the Boston Globe's website.

Included in the gift guide was a one-month membership to try out FIT36®. Whether it be for you or someone you care about, this gift is truly the next level of a fitness gift. Additionally included in their guide was Polar wearable technology, which is utilized in FIT36® classes to track heart rate levels. 

Consider each item on the list to get the wellness-crazed person in your life all set up.