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Aerobic vs. Anaerobic-Is All Exercise Created Equal?

Sep 29, 2015

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic—Is All Exercise Created Equal?

Former Beach Volleyball Pro Says FIT36® Anaerobic Training

Feels Like Training as an Athlete Again

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo., -- There’s no question that any kind of exercise is good for the human body, mind and spirit, but are they created equal? A former competitor for the United States' premier beach volleyball tour, the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), Jen Holdren appreciates the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise for strengthening the heart and muscles, but feels she gets more bang for the buck with anaerobic through high intensity interval training (HIIT). A studio manager at the nation's first FIT36® studio in Denver, who is set to help open two more FIT36® locations coming soon to south Denver, Holdren says the HIIT workout is exactly how she used to train when she was competing as a professional athlete in beach volleyball.

               In the 10 years since Holdren was competing in professional volleyball, she has remained passionate and committed to motivating and changing people's lives through exercise. Prior to joining FIT36®, Holdren was a trainer at Orangetheory Fitness. More recently, she worked with WellBiz Brands, Inc., one of the largest health and wellness franchise organizations in the U.S., to help launch the FIT36® concept.

               "HIIT puts the fun back in working out," says Holdren, who also is a nationally certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. "With FIT36®, we wanted to create something that wasn't just geared to the super athlete, but could be modified to make everyone better at what they like to do outdoors or in everyday life. We use everything from kettle bells to TRX in intervals.  So for example, if you are a golfer, you can improve your swing with rotational exercises. If you're looking for basic, functional improvements, we use weights and force to take you to the next level of fitness."

               The terms "aerobic" and "anaerobic" refer to the presence or absence of oxygen. The body's cells get their energy by using oxygen to fuel its metabolism. During aerobic exercise, the cells can contract repeatedly without fatigue. Aerobics are described as low to moderate levels of exertion that can be sustained over longer periods of time. Most fitness clubs and gyms offer aerobic exercise, which include large group exercise classes, walking, swimming or jogging. The benefits of aerobics are great for burning fat, weight loss and strengthening the heart and lungs, but fall short in building and sustaining muscle.*

               With HIIT or anaerobic training, oxygen is not present. Glycogen is used as fuel, so the body can only go in an all out effort in short bursts, like sprinting, before fatigue sets in. Anaerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, but also burns fat and develops strong lean muscles.

               FIT36® is a 36-minute, anaerobic workout where clients progress through 12 different stations, twice, with brief periods of rest in between circuits. The workout regularly burns 500-plus calories in 36 minutes while also building strength, just like training as a professional athlete.

               "What I like most about FIT36® is the time commitment combined with the results," says Holdren. "Everyone has such busy lives. It's great to be able to get same benefits of an hour-long workout in less time. Each circuit involves 60 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. The circuits are changed daily to alternate pushing and pulling exercises and then bi-weekly, the exercises are totally changed to keep the workout interesting and challenging. It's like being on a playground."

               Holdren is so committed to the HIIT concept, she is working with co-owners Steve Cronin, a former professional soccer player Major League Soccer (MLS) and Abe Dispennette, who served in the military, to open and run their own FIT36® studios in the coming months in metro Denver.

               "We don't want people to feel HIIT is only for competitive athletes," says Holdren. "Anyone can participate because the workout is monitored and based on your heart rate. Everything can be modified to a person's level of fitness. The whole idea is to make fitness fun and allow anyone to train like an athlete." 



The first FIT36™ studio was recently opened in downtown Denver.  It is owned by WellBiz Brands, which plans to open 30, new FIT36™ studios in 2015. One of the largest health and wellness franchise organizations in the U.S., WellBiz also owns Fitness Together Franchise Corporation (Fitness Together®), which franchises one-on-one and small group personal physical fitness training studios, and Elements Massage, Inc. (Elements Massage®), which franchises Elements Massage® studios, providing custom therapeutic massage to meet clients’ individual needs.


WellBiz Brands, Inc. is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colo.  Fitness Together Franchise Corporation began franchising in 1996 and has approximately 175 Fitness Together® locations across the United States. Elements Therapeutic Massage, Inc. began franchising in 2006 and has approximately 200 Elements Massage™ locations in 32 states. Fit 36, Inc. began franchising in 2014 and has a single FIT36™ location in downtown Denver, Colorado.

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