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HIIT the Slopes Fit and Pain-free

Dec 19, 2016

Vandemoortele and the personal trainers at FIT36 have put together five HIIT exercises that can not only elevate a person’s level of fitness for the skiing season, but also help eliminate soreness.

How HIIT Workouts Help Elite Athletes Train for What They Love

Nov 15, 2016

Read about how elite athletes use HIIT workouts to prevent injury and improve their performance. 

Maintaining Your Peak Fitness for Men Over 40

Jul 8, 2016

The inevitable and irreversible process of aging tends to show its true colors for the first time around the age of 40. Heck, you’re considered over the hill at 40. Not exactly a societal self-esteem booster. Hitting 40 is naturally a time to start thinking further down the road and consider the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. As the body ages and changes,...

FIT36 Studio Owner's Mission of Honor

Jul 5, 2016

New Jersey Firefighter and Fitness Studio Owner Participates in Mission of Honor To Bury Cremains of Unclaimed Veterans They are gone, but at last they are not forgotten. The cremains of six war veterans were buried with full military honors on Thursday, June 30 at the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery. A fitting resting place for the men who served in...

Veteran Finds New Tour of Duty Intensely Challenging and Rewarding

May 26, 2016

Abe Dispennette returned to civilian life four years ago. Having served eight years in the Army and retiring at the rank of Captain, he became an insurance agent, met his business partner, and together they opened a FIT36® studio in Denver. Dispennette says two military instincts have served him well as an entrepreneur -- teamwork and decisiveness -- as well as his experiences overseas, which have helped shape his character.

36 is Greater than One

May 3, 2016

Ever heard the expression, “You can do anything for a minute?” Well, according to a new study conducted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, you can now get fit with one minute of exercise. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? According the study, it’s not, but It’s not ideal though, either. The New York Times recently broke down the study very well.

Finding Your Body Ideal

May 2, 2016

Proudly gracing the cover of O Magazine’s April issue is a noticeably lighter Oprah Winfrey. But it isn’t the weight loss that has everyone intrigued. Oprah has been on an up and down weight loss journey for years. It’s her message. She feels happy, confident, and more importantly, healthy. Oprah may not be what society deems as thin these days, but she is finally at peace with her body image. That is bringing joy to many women, who are tired of trying to live up to the Hollywood image of what’s beautiful, and consequently hate the way they look.

How Much Exercise does it take to Burn off Lunch?

Apr 22, 2016

You’re driving down the road and you are starving. You pull into the drive-thru and order a big burger, fries and a soda. Problem solved, right? Well, guess what? To burn off the 1,330 calories you’ve just consumed, it will take six hours and 16 minutes of strength training, 2.5 hours of running, or two hours and 21 minutes on a cardio machine. Who has time for that? Life would be so much easier if you could burn those calories in less time. Fortunately, we do have choices.

Opportunity Knocked To HIIT It Big

Apr 21, 2016

One man got his start in the fitness industry as a wilderness firefighter. Another got his start as a medic in the Navy, with an influential stop in Thailand. Two completely different paths led two men to Denver, where an opportunity to disrupt the fitness industry came to them before they even realized it.

Hit the Links Better With HIIT

Apr 6, 2016

The Right Workouts Can Keep You On Course Golf doesn’t immediately come to mind as a sport that can benefit from high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Wouldn’t that be football, or basketball, or many of the extreme outdoor sports? Well, yes, HIIT training can help with those athletic endeavors as well, but golf can cause some major wear and tear on the...

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