High Intensity Interval Training Frequently Asked Questions


Are personal trainers at FIT36 certified?

Each studio is responsible for ensuring that their fitness trainers have been adequately trained and educated as well as certified and/or licensed in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the state in which the studio is operating.

Does my FIT36 hiit group fitness class membership work at multiple locations?

Your membership grants you access to use your prepaid and unused classes at any participating FIT36 studio across the country.

How is FIT36 different from Orange Theory?

At FIT36, your body is the machine; we don’t use treadmills or other cardio equipment regularly; we combine our cardio and strength (Metabolic Resistance Training) so your body can work more efficiently. Our programming is designed to change every 2 weeks, allowing your body time to become efficient in the movements, but change frequently enough for you not to plateau in your routine.Also, our workout is only 36 minutes so you can get in, get after it and get on with your day.

How many people participate in a FIT36 hiit group fitness class?

Classes are designed for up to 24 people.

If I have an injury can I still participate in hiit group fitness classes?

Yes, just let the trainer know. Every exercise can be modified to suit your individual needs and our trainers will work with you to find appropriate options to accommodate you.

What before and after results can I expect from a hiit group fitness class?

The 36-minute high intensity interval training circuits are designed to torch fat and help build lean muscle, using Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT).By combining intense cardio to spike your metabolism, resistance training to build and maintain strength, and dynamic movements to help improve overall fitness and core stability, the result is a lean, sculpted body and improved strength.

What is the cancellation policy at FIT36?

Please contact your studio for details as the studio may enforce a no show/late cancel policy.Try and provide 24-hour notice for a cancellation so the studio can allow waitlist members to attend class.

What is the difference between the Power Push, Power Pull and Pulse high intensity interval training circuits?

POWER Push and POWER Pull alternate between “push” and “pull” movements that challenge you to increase your strength and cardio conditioning through dynamic functional movements that challenge opposing muscles. Pulse36 challenges your cardio threshold to help increase speed, agility and stamina.This class utilizes a successive series of circuit-training intervals with minimal rest periods.

What to bring to a hiit group fitness class?

We recommend bringing a water bottle and a towel.We track your results during class by providing a Heart Rate Monitor for purchase or rental during class.

Which FIT36 hiit group fitness class should I go to first?

You will get a total body workout in any of our 3 class circuits (PowerPush, PowerPull, Pulse36) for a first-time visit. For descriptions on each circuit, see question #2. All of the circuits are designed to alternate working different muscle groups, allowing recovery time no matter how often you come. Take all 3 in a row and repeat, or just your favorite formats every few days. Since each format will give you a total body workout, frequency can change based on how you feel.

Why wear a heart rate monitor?

You are not required to wear a heart rate monitor, but we recommend wearing one to more efficiently track your intensity, ensuring you stay in the correct zone to help optimize stamina and calorie burn. They are available for purchase or rental during class.

How often should you work out at FIT36?

To achieve optimal results, we recommend 4-5 classes per week.Though you could come every day, rest and recovery is as important as the work. We rotate each day between 3 different exercise formats that we run for 2 weeks, before changing it up. With this in mind, we would recommend you train 2-3 days in a row depending on how you are feeling and then take a day off followed by another 2-3 days in a row… This way, you get enough variety to keep it fun, a good work to rest ratio to avoid over-training, and enough repetition to progress and begin to master the movements.