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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Sep 15, 2017 by A. S.

Quick workout that challenges yourself and I am always sore afterwards

Sep 13, 2017 by S. M.

Teachers are awesome! Studio is organized and clean. Routines are difficult but fun too.

Sep 12, 2017 by S. C.

Really friendly staff - free and easy parking - quick in and out and meaningful workout

Sep 11, 2017 by D. F.

I love having the workouts planned for me and trainers to keep me motivated! I also enjoy the fact that there are 3 different workouts every 2 weeks to keep it fresh!

Sep 10, 2017 by E. C.

knowledgeable trainers provide encouragement and important tips for successful workouts without injury. good blend of personalization with autonomy

Sep 6, 2017 by S. S.

Great workout & great trainers. Clean gym & equipment.

Sep 6, 2017 by K. W.

I like that when your just beginning to work out, there is someone there for you to push you. Verses if I were to begin working out on my own. Sheryl did an amazing job and I will be back soon. Thank You, Kerry Wilson

Sep 5, 2017 by C. B.

Very kind and professional and wanting to genuinely help their clients

Sep 1, 2017 by S. R.

It's a fun, challenging workout! The people are friendly and the trainers are awesome.

Aug 29, 2017 by K. R.

Great facility, friendly staff, great workout.

Aug 29, 2017 by C. S.

Quick and efficient workout, great training staff, convenient location, affordable.

Aug 28, 2017 by S. C.

I think the prices are a bit high for 40 minute workout.

Aug 28, 2017 by K. T.

The workouts and the people

Aug 24, 2017 by D. N.

I have only started with fit36 but the welcome I received from all staff and the willingness of everyone to help and answer questions of has been great!

Aug 16, 2017 by S. S.

The exercises are perfect, the teachers are upbeat, and I'm definitely noticing a change in my strength! The only thing I'm not a fan of is Laura's microphone. Love love her as a teacher (she always has great adjustments), I just get distracted by how loud it is. It also bugs me that the entire room can hear my adjustments when she is speaking to me personally. Other than that, I love everything about Fit36! :)

Aug 11, 2017 by K. T.

When looking at the site it seems like you can't drop in and you can. For a traveler like me it is great to have that listed on the site. The workout was great for me but not for everyone which is why an 8 rather than 10

Aug 9, 2017 by S. H.

A good number of class options

Aug 8, 2017 by W. W.

I love the 36 minute station workout! The coaches are wonderful too!

Aug 7, 2017 by N. K.

Friendly place, great workout

Jul 31, 2017 by B. M.

The intense workout and attentive trainers that truly coach.