Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Nov 27, 2018 by A. M.

Trainers are outstanding

Nov 23, 2018 by S. K.

Great workouts and staff!

Nov 21, 2018 by K. D.

I enjoy the quick & challenging workouts.

Nov 18, 2018 by O. M.

great facility, friendly staff, laid back atmosphere

Nov 15, 2018 by J. T.

Friendly staff, great workout for those who don’t have time for a long workout.

Nov 13, 2018 by S. D.

The staff cares and is happy. Always new exercises so we’re never bored. The workouts are challenging and I see results.

Nov 8, 2018 by C. C.

Fun workout with good trainer!

Nov 7, 2018 by M. G.

I love that the workouts are quick and thoughtfully put together. Also, the trainers are very well oriented with the industry and get to know their members.

Nov 6, 2018 by T. S.

Such a great work out with knowledgeable trainers!

Nov 5, 2018 by A. K.

The teamwork!

Nov 4, 2018 by T. M.

The workouts, the gym, the trainers, the variety of equipment and the community

Nov 3, 2018 by W. D.

Chris and Abbey are amazing trainers

Nov 1, 2018 by M. H.

I thought the workouts were effective and fast. I didn’t get bored but I also got worked. I cancelled my membership because I was driving from just outside Boulder to the highlands. With commuter traffic at the hours I could attend classes, it just didn’t workout. If you open a facility in boulder, Louisville, Lafayette area I’ll be the first client signed up.

Oct 31, 2018 by S. B.

Friendly, interesting, feels like the workout goes by quickly because it’s so varied

Oct 29, 2018 by A. G.

Friendly staff, great workouts. Inclusive culture

Oct 29, 2018 by R. B.

Great facility and the trainers are all very friendly and knowledgeable and make the workouts fun. I appreciate that the circuits change every two weeks and it feels like I'm constantly able to exercise different muscle groups.

Oct 29, 2018 by J. S.

Abby was great! Very patient and the system seems welll oiled. Now just gotta get in shape!

Oct 25, 2018 by J. S.

This workout always changes and keeps it interesting to continue to show

Oct 22, 2018 by N. E.

Friendly well informed staff, great equipment and facility.

Oct 11, 2018 by K. C.

I love the trainers, it's welcoming, and their challenging us to push ourselves throughout the 2 week rounds. PLEASE ask people to take off their heavier weight from barbells, etc., or offer to help the next pair. Sometimes they add it, then don't help remove it which just delays the next group.