Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers that help monitor your workout

FIT36® personal trainers serve as coaches to help you get the results you want. Studios limit class sizes to 24. This keeps the groups small, and allow trainers to monitor every member progressing through the various stations, lending guidance and encouragement as needed.

Prior to each class, the trainer will demonstrate the stations from that day’s HIIT program to ensure you can perform the exercises correctly and with a focus on safety. The trainer is present for the entire 36 minute class, monitoring, motivating and energizing to help push you through. Trainers provide guidance on each exercise and assist with modifications to cater to your fitness level. Whether you’re looking to torch fat, build muscle, or both, our studios’ trainers can provide the guidance you need to make it happen.

FIT36® studios intentionally provide a better trainer-to-member ratio than most small group workouts to allow for more interaction with you. Trainers aren’t just there to watch; they are there to work. Whatever you need to get through your class is what our trainers provide.

FIT36® trainers are professional and ready to train you with cutting edge HIIT workouts that build strength, athleticism and stamina. Trainers are charismatic motivators with a passion for fitness. They’re dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. You’ll find trainers in our studios approachable and friendly. Their love for fitness is contagious. They truly make workouts fun!

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