Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

FIT36® classes are designed to help keep you training at the right intensity level to build strength and torch fat. To help keep you in the zone, heart rate monitors are available during classes. Training in the target anaerobic zone during your workout allows you to maximize your time in each class and creates an afterburn that can allow your body to continue burning calories for up to several hours after the workout. It’s the ideal method for achieving the results that FIT36® studios can provide. 

Here is how it works:

  • Get a heart rate monitor for class at the studio.
  • Wear the monitor around your upper torso, just below your sternum, during each workout.
  • Your heart rate and estimated calorie burn will be displayed on the screen at FIT36®.
  • To keep you in the correct anaerobic zone, the trainer will help monitor your progress and coach you to push harder, or pull back, depending on your heart rate level and training goals.

The heart rate monitors help tell the true story of the effectiveness of each workout. Using this information helps both you, and the FIT36® trainer know how hard you’re working. The heart rate monitor’s job is to motivate you to train in the proper zone and maximize the benefits of each class you take at FIT36®.

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