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Why Group Fitness Can be a Serious Attitude Booster

Why Group Fitness Can be a Serious Attitude Booster


There are many ways you could choose to get your exercise in, and chances are you’ve tried your hand at many of them.  You’ve been the lone wolf tromping down the sidewalk.  You’ve been the dutiful running partner.  You’ve even perhaps done a few body-roll-jump-shimmy-and-kick routines in a group of dance-to-be-fitters.  Hey – we’re not knocking it.  We’re fans of doing what it takes to get active, fit, and healthy.  And seeing as how October is Positive Attitude Month, we’d like to show you a few reasons why working out in a fitness community like FIT36 is a serious attitude booster.


  1. Simply put, enthusiasm is contagious.  I’m sure you can think of a time or two that you’ve walked into the studio preoccupied with work or family issues, weighed down by stress, or just plain tired (all these conditions make great reasons to come in for a workout, by the way).  You may start sluggish, but before you know it, by some power of energy osmosis, the enthusiasm of the trainer and the other 36-ers seeps into your head, and you feel way better. 

Also, although you may not have realized it, you’ve likely been the contagious pep-rally for someone else coming in with the blahs, too. 

  1. Unhelpful self-talk, be gone.  At the studio, there’s just simply not room (or time) for the thoughts that can creep in when we exercise solo.  We’ve been there – on a run, and suddenly you can think of 6 good reasons why you need to cut it short and head home.  Or you can start obsessing over a side ache, ankle twinge, or the fact that you stayed up WAY too late watching reruns.  When you walk into the studio, conversely, you leave your self-limiting notions at the door, and dig right in.
  2. Copy this, copycat.  Imitation is more than just a form of flattery here.  Have you ever thought about how cool it is that you have full access to a trainer (who exercises, and shows people how to exercise correctly FOR A LIVING) every time you come to a HIIT class?  How’s that for a confidence boost?  Sure, you’ve gotta share him or her a little, but she or he is making sure your form and methods look right, are safe, and will get you great results.  Besides, trainers have an uncanny knack for calling you out when you could be working a little harder. 
  3. Where everybody knows your name.  FIT36 classes are great relationship fodder.  You know how people tend to bond when they’ve gone through something hard together?  Yeah, going through 36 minutes of fitness boot camp will do that, too.  And walking into a room of 23 friends, ready to exercise, will definitely improve your attitude. 


One last set of attitude boosters?  Friends, family members, and even strangers telling you how great your arms look.  Or your hiking friends noticing that you just killed that steep incline.  Or your running partner commenting on how much faster you’ve gotten. Yep, those will do it every time. 

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