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What’s your Big Athletic Goal for 2016? How to be a Better Athlete

What’s your Big Athletic Goal for 2016? How to be a Better Athlete


What’s your “BIG” goal for 2016? Is it to climb a new mountain, go higher, bike farther, ski harder, maybe run a marathon? Whatever it is, it will require you to push yourself harder than you ever have to improve your athleticism, strength and stamina. But it all starts with that “A” word—athlete. While some people are just naturally great athletes, this really is an area that you can improve upon by putting in the work and focusing on your goals. Here are a few tips to become a better athlete in 2016. 

Make a Mental Movie 

Reaching a new goal requires you to be in top physical shape, but you must also get your mind mentally in shape to accomplish your goal. Try creating a mental movie of the moment you meet your goal. If your goal is to climb a new mountain, create a mental movie of yourself reaching the summit. Replay this movie in your head as you’re training to help push yourself harder. 

Fuel Before and After Training 

If you’ve been working out at FIT36®, you’re well aware of how important it is to fuel properly. However, it’s worth repeating. Make sure that you eat properly before a workout to fuel you. Try eating lean proteins, vegetables, and whole-grains. After your workout, your body needs to replenish depleted energy; eat both carbs and proteins. Milk, especially chocolate milk, is a great post workout drink. 

Proper Sleep 

Sleep is a key component to your training regimen and helps your body make those incremental improvements necessary to become a better athlete. Making sure that you have ample sleep allows your body and your mind to take a break and restore much-needed energy. 

Set Small Goals 

Along with your big goal for 2016, set smaller goals. By achieving smaller goals along the way, you’ll know you’re making progress. This will help you stay motivated and push you harder to achieve your goal. 

Work with Coaches 

The right coaches will take you through the proper training for your goal. Whether it is competing in an Ironman or a marathon, they’ll help you train safely to help you cross the finish line and give you tips to stay at the top of your game.

No matter what your athletic goal for 2016 is, you’ll need to push yourself harder. FIT36® studios offer HIIT training that will prepare your body for any new challenge. Our unique style of HIIT workouts are in a community setting and will have you motivated and challenged to push yourself to the max. Find a FIT36®studio at

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