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What is Functional Fitness?

What is Functional Fitness?

For the majority, exercise is a way to stay in shape, lose a few pounds and to stay healthy. For the small percentage of elite athletes, exercise serves more of a purpose to strengthen key muscle groups to help them excel in sport. Additionally, training also helps to protect all of us from injuries. Clearly, we all cant be athletes and dont need to train like they do, however, functional fitness allows us to train for our everyday life with the goal of living a better life.

So what is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is training for everyday people. It consists of exercises that trains and builds your muscles to work together for daily activities. These exercises trigger common movements that you do at home, at work or in any sports that you might play. Rather than singling out a specific muscle group, functional fitness uses muscle groups throughout your body at the same time. This will help you reduce the risk of injury and better prepare your body for everyday life. In other words — youll be in shape using muscles that you use daily.

What are additional benefits?

A key advantage of functional fitness is that the exercises utilize multiple joints simultaneously. Rather than using your elbow in an exercise, functional fitness exercises will use shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles, for example. This is much like you use in your daily activities at home. The exercises are true full-body workouts. This helps reduce the risk of injury and improve your quality of life. Youll have better balance, strength and agility.

Where can you do it?

The wonderful thing about functional exercise is that it can be done either at home or in a gym. For optimal results, you should get in a gym with a personal trainer and FIT36 studios offer functional fitness training sessions that get results. Theyll build muscle, burn fat and calories while changing your daily life for the better. Join the FIT36 community to get the support and camaraderie that will help you thrive. Visit a studio today

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