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Top 5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Strongest Year Yet

Top 5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Strongest Year Yet


Chances are, if you’re coming to the HIIT classes at FIT36, you’ve already gotten a pretty good start on the country’s yearly most popular New Year’s Resolution – “get fit/get healthy/exercise more.”  However, before you reach that ripped arm up to give yourself a solid pat on the back, think about this: are you really as strong and as fit as you can be?  Are you living up to your fitness potential?  Here’s how to fix it if you’re not, and how to make 2017 your strongest year ever. 


  1. Sweat the small stuff.  As you go through the motions of your HIIT classes, pay attention to whether your form is just right.  When the trainer tells you to keep your elbow stationary during a weight lift or to keep your hands in a diamond shape during pushups, are you actually doing it?  Believe it or not, when your trainer gets nitty-gritty about the seemingly meaningless details of your exercises, it’s for a really good reason.  Skimping on position or placement can not only reduce the exercise’s effectiveness, but it can put extra strain on your joints, leading to a potential injury. 
  2. Switch it up.  Predictability doesn’t just breed boredom, it also prevents endurance and muscle growth.  Our bodies are exceptionally good at adapting to the stresses we put on it.  Keep your muscles guessing by running at varied paces and inclines and speeds, or by throwing explosive burpees or squat jumps in the middle of your cardio workout.  (Guess what?  At FIT36 we happen to be pros at the workout quick-change by changing up our studio workouts on a regular and frequent basis.)
  3. Focus on your Kryptonite.  If you’re a bicep-curl beast, but get a little shaky when it comes to shoulder presses, then guess what?  A-shoulder-pressing you should go.  Though it’s contrary to natural instinct, spend the most energy and time working to build up your weak spots.  If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then a body is only as strong as its weakest muscle group.
  4. It’ll only get harder.  And this is on purpose.  A surefire way to gain strength is to increase your weight and resistance every time you work out.  Increasing your weight load by small increments each and every time you train is path to consistent progress.  If you work out with the same weight and resistance every session, then your body has nothing to grow and adapt to.
  5. Cement it.  Goals that are willy-nilly, that is, goals without measurable, realistic, and achievable components, are often the first to fly out the window.  If you want to be able to run 10 miles or lift 25% more than your current limit, then write it down.  Or tell someone.  Or, better yet, broadcast it on social media.  Making it real is a great way to make it happen.


At FIT36, we want you to meet, and even exceed, your fitness goals.  We do our best to give you the tools and motivation you need to do just that.  Our classes are tough and our trainers are ruthless, all because we want you to be your best and fittest self.  Here’s to the healthiest year yet.

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