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The FIT36™ Difference

The FIT36™ Difference

There is no other workout that gets the elite-level results as efficiently and reliably as FIT36™. We take fitness training to another level and we do it fast with quick workouts that challenge you to the core. We get the results you have craved for. We have a workout that meets your expectation and pushes you beyond your goals. We do it all in the FIT36 ™ fitness community, which encourages and inspires each member every step of the way.

Let’s get into it.

The FIT36™ workout is 36-minutes of high intensity interval training. It’s HIIT for short. You may have done some HIIT in your life, but we promise - you’ve never done HIIT like this. We HIIT to build strength. We HIIT for muscle endurance and stamina. We HIIT to make you a better athlete.

Whatever it is that you train for, the FIT36™HIIT will make you better. Our 36-minute workout turns good athletes into elite athletes. We turn weekend warriors into ultimate warriors. We turn the executive athlete into the athlete they never thought they could be.

Our HIIT training looks like this:

  • 12 stations of challenging movements
  • Do each movement for one minute, rest for 30 seconds, move to the next station
  • Each individual hits each station twice during the workout
  • A 12:1 member to trainer ratio keeps each individual on track

We have a personal trainer in each class to ensure proper technique and improve efficiency. Our movements are self-limiting, taking you to the max while prioritizing your safety. We don’t make you do what you can’t do. We make you better at what you can do.

This is modern training for the modern athlete. We use everything from kettlebells to TRX and beyond, and we use it in intervals. We use movements you never thought existed. We use movements you use every day. Every movement challenges you to make you better.

We utilize heartrate monitors to keep you in the proper anaerobic zone throughout the workout. Your heartrate is displayed on a screen during the workout to allow the trainer, and yourself, to monitor your progress and maximize your workout.

Combine all this into one package and what you get is a workout in a community that you can thrive in - the FIT36™ community. Search no further, you have finally found the right place to take your fitness to the next level.

Find a FIT36™ workout near you and get started with a free week today.

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