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The Efficient Workout – No More 2 Hour Gym Trips

The Efficient Workout – No More 2 Hour Gym Trips

One of the easiest excuses to avoid a workout is, “I don’t have the time.” We know — we’ve been there too. Well, what if you could burn more fat, and get better results, in less time? That would take the excuse out of it. FIT36™ offers an intense workout in just 36 minutes.

Shorter workouts = Faster Results

At FIT36™ the old mentality of being in the gym for hours at a time is gone. You’re busy — we get it. Chances are if you’re at a gym for an extended period, you aren’t getting the best workout. Often you might find yourself walking around aimlessly looking for the next piece of equipment to use. When you actually find the equipment do you know how to use it correctly? Thanks to High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, we’ve created a system where you’ll burn more fat in a short amount of time, and you won’t waste precious workout time.

Burn More Fat

Studies have shown that you burn more fat during a HIIT workout than you do running for an hour. Intense interval workouts also helps your repair cycle, so that you burn more fat and calories 24 hours after your workout than you do in a long steady run. 

More Bang for Your Buck

Gym memberships can be expensive, with long workout routines and without substantial results. That means you’re not getting your money’s worth with these long, inefficient workouts. You’ll see the results in a HIIT workout. You’ll burn more fat, increase metabolism, improve your strength and your heart will be healthier. You’ll be happier and healthier with your investment in HIIT at FIT36™.

If you’re short on time, but still want to workout, FIT36™ offers an efficient workout that will help you burn more fat and calories in a short amount of time.  Contact FIT36™ to intensify your workout in just 36 minute sessions. Visit to find your studio.

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