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January is Weight Loss Awareness Month — Ramp up your Weight Loss Program with FIT36

January is Weight Loss Awareness Month — Ramp up your Weight Loss Program with FIT36

January is Weight Loss Awareness Month, which means there’s no better time to ramp up your weight loss program and introduce yourself to High-Intensity Interval Training at FIT36®

A Quick Way to Lose Weight

When you think about losing weight is there an image in your head of you spending an hour or two several days a week in a sea of equipment at your local gym? You can now remove that thought, because, at FIT36®, each workout is just 36 minutes. So even if you arrive early and count the cool down you’ll only be at the studio for about 45 minutes. Not too difficult to fit into any schedule. However, just because the workouts are quick, doesn’t mean there easy. You’ll push yourself to the max to burn body fat and carbs, all while building strength.

Push Yourself To Your MAX

If you set out to lose weight this year, you’re going to get there faster by pushing yourself harder. That’s what we’re here for, to help you push yourself to the max in a safe, efficient way. Our intense workouts are twelve 60-second intervals of resistance based exercises with 30-seconds of rest in between each interval. These intervals give an intense cardiovascular workout as well as muscle retention that will help you burn more fat in less time. 

The Afterburn 

One of the unique and best perks of HIIT training is that your body will keep burning calories at an increased rate after your workout is complete. Even though you’re actually only working out for 36 minutes, your body will still be burning calories for hours after each workout. 

If you want to kick your weight loss program into high gear, get started during Weight Loss Awareness month. At FIT36®, our unique spin on HIIT training will help you meet your weight loss goals faster than you think. Plus, our certified trainers make sure that you’re safe and having fun while burning the calories. Visit to find a studio near you.  

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