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It's Time to March Forth

It's Time to March Forth

We’ve been hearing a lot about marches lately, right?  Marches in protest, marches in support, and marches to simply raise awareness.  It turns out that Fit36 has another march we’d like to suggest you tune into.  Next week, with February a thing of the past, comes the date-meets-invitation-meets-command to MARCH FORTH.  March 4th is a yearly reminder that it’s important to move forward with our ambitions, rather than let them stagnate in the procrastination phase. 


Chances are that you have a “maybe someday” goal that’s been bouncing around in your head for a while.  What is it for you?  Are you pining to try your hand at a triathlon?  Have you been toying with the idea of entering a marathon?  Or, with high school and college sports in the past, have you been wishing for a basketball or volleyball team to play on?  How about trying a new sport or activity altogether?  Whatever your “someday” goal is, we say it’s time to MARCH FORTH and make it happen.


Even if your goal is a little scary, there are ways to turn it into an exciting reality.  Here’s how:

  • Baby steps.  Search online for teams.  Ask for advice from others who have achieved your goal.  Buy a new pair of swim goggles.  Schedule in more HIIT classes to start a more intense training period.  You’ll be surprised at how motivating even the tiniest of steps can be.
  • Talk about it.  Tell your parents. Post your intentions on social media.  Blab to your coworkers.  The more people you tell, the more people you have to stay accountable to. You never know who might come forward as support people and fellow goal-setters.  Plus, it can be pretty uncomfortable to share your setbacks if you don’t stick to it.
  • Break it down.  If the thought of your goal seems pretty overwhelming, break it up into mini milestones.  For example, strive to climb a peak one-half the size of your ultimate destination in 2 months.  Or beat your PR for a 5k-distance run by the first day of spring.   
  • Put it in stone.  Or, at least, on your smartphone calendar, and start planning around the event.  Better yet, fork over the cash you need to register for the event, or to get to where you will be reaching your goal.  When you’ve got funds, as well as time, invested into this event, you’ll be way more likely to turn your dream into an awesome reality. 
  • App it up.  Fitness apps abound in such abundance; it can be hard to know which one is best for you and your goal.  Finding the right one is worth the hunt, as they can be a great source of motivation. Have you checked out the FIT36 app yet? It's free, AND it helps you schedule classes right from your phone. So you can sign up at home, and there will be a trainer expecting you at the studio... how's that for accountability? 


Use the excuse of March fourth to MARCH FORTH toward a goal you’ve been hemming and hawing about.  Right now happens to be a great time to get serious about setting and meeting fitness goals.  Not only will you feel like a rock star for finally stepping up and doing it, but you’ll get in primo shape in time for summer fun. 

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