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How to Eat Healthy at Parties

How to Eat Healthy at Parties

So how did you do? You’ve just had a couple of weeks heavy with parties, potlucks, family gatherings, and SO many kinds of tempting food. Maybe you did great; indulging a little but mostly staying in control. But maybe the picture wasn’t so pretty, and you found yourself eating way too much, exercising way too little, and now you’re feeling the all-too-familiar Week-After Regret, dreading the Walk of Shame to the scale.

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, self-restrained or overindulgent, you’re only halfway there. With New Year’s Eve and post-holiday parties looming in the very near future, chances are you could use a little healthful inspiration to stay in control with your food and drink.

  • Plan, plan, plan
    No soldier goes into battle unprepared. As the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin goes, “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” Heck, even the boy scouts have this notion down pat. For your party-going self, this means that the day of the festivity you can make sure you get your F’s and P’s: protein, fiber, produce, and FIT36. Protein and fiber before the party will ensure that you won’t walk in the door famished, taking a nose-dive into the French onion dip and chips. A rigorous class at FIT36 will ensure that your body is at its maximum calorie-burning level even while you stand around schmoozing. And the produce? That comes next:

  • Eat like a horse
    Before you eat anything, force yourself to load up on every kind of fruit and veggie at the party, minus the fatty dips. Heck, go back for seconds or thirds. After you’ve eaten enough veggies that would make your grandma proud, go ahead and try a few little nibbles of just your very favorite items.

And if there’s a lack of health-friendly options? That’s why you plan ahead and . . .

  • BYON
    That’s bring-your-own-nutrition. Arrive with a killer veggie tray (check these out for some inspiration beyond the ho-hum carrots and celery), add on some protein in the form of nuts, a cottage cheese dip, or deli turkey cubes, and you’ll be happy to snack on the good stuff all night long. And for when you get thirsty, a simple trick to reducing your liquid calorie intake is to cut your mixed drink or wine with some unsweetened seltzer water. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, we’re betting no one will complain if you show up with makings for a skinny cocktail – find ideas here.

  • Get visual
    Now for the OHM moment: before the party, visualize yourself at the end of the party, heading home and not feeling overly stuffed, and rather proud of yourself for making stellar food and drink choices. Tap into that feeling of victory and celebration, and keep that feeling with you all evening long.

Your social calendar doesn’t have to get the better of your healthy ambitions. Even if you fell victim to overeating and under-exercising during the last couple of weeks, there’s no time like right now go get on the right track, and move forward with smart choices. Besides, won’t it feel great to get a head start on all the New Year’s resolution folks?

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