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HIIT With Us to Look Good at Your Holiday Party

HIIT With Us to Look Good at Your Holiday Party

Let’s be honest here. One of the biggest reasons you look forward to your holiday party is to make a statement about your looks. You want to look your best to impress in a way that’s different from the boring business casual look. If you’ve joined FIT36®, your party is your chance to show off all the hard work you’ve put in. If you haven’t, then it’s time to step up your fitness. Our HIIT circuit training will help you lose fat fast and have you ready to show off at your holiday party.

Burn Fat Fast and Safe

By now there’s probably just a couple of weeks until your holiday party. Don’t worry, with HIIT exercises, you’ll see results fast, and the workout makes you want to come back for more. Our workouts are efficient, full-body workouts. We emphasize functional fitness in each workout; you’ll perform exercises that use everyday movements such as pushing and pulling. You’ll do 12 different exercises exerting as much energy for one minute as you can, followed by a 30-second rest, which equals our intense 36-minute workout. All of the exercises adjust to your ability, so you can add or subtract intensity as needed. Go at your pace as long as you're pushing yourself to the max. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is proven to help clients burn more calories during the workout and after the workout. 

You’re not Alone

If you have done any research about HIIT exercises, you’ve probably found a few websites that offer workouts that you can do on your own. The beauty of FIT36® is that you aren’t doing it alone; our trainers are all certified experts. They will make sure that you’re safe and that you’re getting the most out of each exercise. 

Elevating your Fitness Beyond the Holidays

After 2 weeks at FIT36®, you’ll show up to your holiday party ready to impress and you’ll have your co-workers asking what you’ve done. Even better, is that you’ll feel healthier, energized and ready to take your new fitness routine passed the holidays. You’ll want to make FIT36® part of your regular workout schedule. Find your FIT36® today at

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