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Get Ready for Your Spring Adventure

Get Ready for Your Spring Adventure


Are you ready?  Is the vacation countdown app on your phone down to a thrillingly low number of days left?  Have you gradually started packing and planning your suitcase?  Spring break is just around the corner, and your adventure is waiting for you. 

The bad news: the airlines have rescheduled your flight time AGAIN.

The good news: You can get adequately trained and primed for what you love to do at your FIT36 studio, no long hours on the treadmill required.


If you’re hitting the slopes . . .

  • You know those squats we’re always doing in HIIT class?  You’ll thank us once you’re shredding your 8th black of the day, and you’re zooming past your friends who are whining about tired legs. 
  • Don’t give your trainer such a hard time bout those jump squats, no matter how badly your quads and glutes are burning.  Those killer jumps are exactly what will give you the “get up and go” and explosiveness needed for jumps and moguls. 


If you’re headed for the beach . . .

  • First of all, we are totally jealous.  Second of all, when you pull on your swim suit for the first time after you arrive, you’ll be SO thankful you hit it hard at the FIT36 studio.  Nothing else can give you quite the powerhouse full-body workout like our HIIT classes can.  Between your cut arms and legs, toned core, and trimmer figure, you’ll be feeling proud, energized, and totally ready for whatever, or whomever, crosses your path.
  • You’ll be suddenly awesome at, well, just about everything.  Have you ever declined the beach volleyball or pool volleyball games because you thought you couldn’t hang?  Have you always sat out of Ultimate because you thought you weren’t so hot at playing?  Aside from toning you up and making you stronger, your HIIT classes have helped you to become a baller, able to keep up with the athletes in the game (and by the way, YOU ARE an athlete).


If you’re headed for a hiking vacay . . .

  • Have you got your sights set on the Utah arches?  The hundreds of miles of hilly trails in the Rocky Mountains?  Perhaps the Grand Canyon?  When you’re shredding the trails you can thank your trainer for the endless planks which are helping you carry your pack with no sweat.  And the lunges we do are great preparation for those rocky inclines and descents. 
  • Even though hiking is more of a long and steady workout and you may not “feel the burn” as often, be sure you’re stretching after each hike.  You definitely don’t want sore muscles from the first day slowing you down for the rest of your vacation.


Whatever your Spring Break has in store for you, your classes at FIT36 can make you more prepared, and help your vacation to be more enjoyable.  And even if your Spring Break simply finds you relaxing, reading, and napping?  No worries-  you can rest assured that you’ve worked so hard at your HIIT exercises, that you deserve a little R&R.  We wish you happy travels, and we can’t wait to see you after your Spring Break adventure. 

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