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With all of the exercise programs out there today, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. The choices can, at times, be overwhelming making you want to give up on the whole idea of working out and getting in shape. We want to take the hard work out of finding the right fitness program for you. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a circuit training workout that is designed to torch fat and build lean muscle. But what makes FIT36 superior to other HIIT workouts?


Metabolic Resistance Training:
The FIT36 method is different than others because it is executed using MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training). The expertly designed circuits combine intense cardio to spike your metabolism, resistance training to build strength, and dynamic movements to improve overall fitness and core stability. The result is total body training focused on working smarter for faster results.

Your body adjusts to repetitive training, so it is important to break up routines. The circuits at FIT36 studios run for two weeks at a time. This allows your body to create muscle memory and go from unable, to able, to expert on these movements quickly. Then, once the microcycle is conquered, the circuit is shaken up and you start something new. Say goodbye to plateaus!

Personal Trainers:
FIT36 trainers help you rock class and modify for safety. The studio trainers serve as coaches, motivators and teachers to help you get the results you want. You will receive personalized attention so that you will never be left on your own to reach your heath goals. One-on-one attention matters.

With the combination of HIIT, MRT, microcycles and the highly knowledgeable trainers, FIT36 helps you take the guess work out how to crush your healthy lifestyle goals. Find your nearest FIT36 studio and sign up for a FREE class to get you started on a total transformation. 

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