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Beginner’s Guide to HIIT

Beginner’s Guide to HIIT

Build muscle, burn calories boost metabolism all in one quick workout. Welcome to High-Intensity Interval Training, or as it is commonly known, HIIT. If you’re not familiar with this new, fun, intense way to build muscle and burn fat, here’s a little intro to HIIT and FIT36®. 

More for Less 

We all love to hear that phrase, but HIIT truly embodies more for less. But, you also put more in with HIIT; effort that is. With HIIT, you’ll get more of a workout in less time. At FIT36®, you’ll spend 36 minutes getting a full-body workout where you’ll burn more fat than a typical gym visit. Usually, if you’re in the gym, you’re working one particular muscle group, and you're there for a much longer time period. Who has time for that? 

MAX Effort 

HIIT workouts require you to push yourself to the MAX! HIIT consists of short interval exercises where you can push yourself for as hard as you can. At FIT36®, you’ll rotate through 12 1-minute exercise stations with a 30-second rest in between each station. You’ll do each exercise station twice for a total of 36 minutes. It is short and efficient, but it’s not easy! 

Benefits of HIIT Workouts

If you are going to work hard, there better be plenty of benefits. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t get you results with our HIIT workouts. Here are just a few: 

    •    You can do HIIT exercises anywhere 

    •    Short workouts — 36 minutes or less 

    •    Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

    •    You’ll burn more fat calories thanks to the interval style

    •    Retains muscles you have and builds upon them

    •    Intervals prevent boredom 

    •    It is a community. You’ll be motivated to work harder. 

If you’ve heard of HIIT, and you’re ready to challenge yourself with a workout that will help you lose weight and increase your overall fitness level in just 36 minutes, visit to learn more about the FIT36® community.

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