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5 Benefits of Circuit Training

5 Benefits of Circuit Training

The efficiency of FIT36™ epitomizes the way in which a circuit training method can provide the results you want in the time you have.

Time also just happens to be one of the biggest excuses people use to not workout. We take that excuse away while providing the benefit of time back in your life, along with many others.  

Burn More Fat Faster

One of the ultimate goals of training is to lose a few pounds. Circuit training is a workout that puts your fat burn on hyper drive. You’ll burn more calories and activate more muscles in a short amount of time. You can burn more calories in a 20-minute circuit training session than you can in an hour on an elliptical machine. Imagine what you can do in a 36-minute class!

Strength and Cardio

Circuit training combines strength training with cardio. If you tend to like one particular exercise then you’ll tend do that workout more than others — only working single muscle groups. Circuit training makes you do it all. It challenges muscles you never knew existed.

More Challenge

Speaking of challenging - If you are looking for a challenge, Circuit training allows you to do just that, no matter your fitness level. You can go as intense or as easy as you are comfortable with — either way your whole body will be tested.

Beat Gym Boredom

We’ve all done it. The same routine over and over, exercising the same muscle groups day after day. That’s what drove us to something different in the first place. Circuit training is fast, intense and far from boring. It will keep you excited, engaged and your workout will fly by in no time. 

Max Results Minimum Time

As we already stated, one of the biggest advantages of circuit training is the time commitment. You get maximum results for a fraction of the time commitment at most places. It does not matter if you complete your training in 15 minutes or an hour — you’ll get great results in circuit training.

If you are ready to take your fitness training to the next level, FIT36™ has circuit training programs that will help you get incredible results and meet your goals fast. Join our fitness community at a studio near you.




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