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5 At Home HIIT Exercises

5 At Home HIIT Exercises

We’re all busy, so if there’s a day that you can’t make it to the gym — it’s okay. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to not do anything. Here are a few HIIT exercises you can do at home for those days when you just can’t make it to your local FIT36. 

Jump Squats

From a proper squat position with your weight in your heels, jump exploding out of your squat into the air. Land softly back in your squat position. Time yourself for a minute and do as many as you can.

High Plank Oblique Twist with Push Up

Start in a high plank position and twist your whole body to the side so that even your feet are on their side. Raise your hand to the sky while lifting your hips until you feel the burn, then return to the plank. Add a push up before switching sides.

Triceps Push-Up w/ Burpee Tuck Jump

With your legs shoulder length apart, jump up tucking your knees towards your chest, and slap your hands on your knees. Get down and do a tricep pushup and immediately hop back up and do another tuck jump. Repeat for an amazing fat burning workout.

High Knees w/ Arm Reach

Jump from one foot to the other, and remember to keep your knees as high as possible. Using only your core, reach your arms toward the sky.

High Plank Spiders

From a high plank lift an arm and the opposite leg at the same time. Engage your back and keep your core tight, then repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Find your balance and repeat the movement fluidly.

If you can’t make it to your FIT36 studio, it’s okay. Keep up with your workouts with these at home hit exercises. If you haven’t experienced FIT36, find a studio near you at

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