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3 Tips for a Faster Workout Recovery

3 Tips for a Faster Workout Recovery

If you’ve joined FIT36®, you know and understand just how tough a HIIT workout is. You get what it means to push yourself to the max. Your body feels tired but pumped after a tough 36-minute workout. You must recover fast for you to continue your day. Who has time to rest all day? Use these tips to help your body recover faster.

Drink Low-Fat Chocolate Milk

No joke, chocolate milk is an excellent recovery drink after your HIIT workout. It’s a natural source of high-quality protein and carbs which helps you build lean muscles in addition to helping your muscles recover. On top of proteins, chocolate milk has plenty of electrolytes such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium — which all work to help you hydrate and replenish nutrients you’ve lost when you sweat. You might laugh a little, but your body will appreciate the chocolatey goodness.

Eat Protein Before you Sleep 

You are sleeping, so naturally you think your muscles are sleeping. Well, you might be surprised to know that your muscles are working pretty hard to recover. Eating a snack that contains light protein, and little to no fat, before you fall sleep is very beneficial for your muscle recovery from a tough HIIT workout. 

Ice it Down 

You’ve probably heard of or seen pro athletes taking ice baths after a game or practice. They’re doing it for a reason. This recovery process that seems extremely painful, is actually highly beneficial for recovery. Cold water helps to move blood throughout your body, thus reducing the lactic acid in your body. By getting rid of lactic acid, your muscles won’t cramp and will recover faster. If you don’t have an ice bath, try a cold shower.

As with any exercising it’s important for your body to recover properly, Along with stretching, try these tips for your body can heal quickly, and you can hit it hard during your next workout. If you are not a FIT36 member, visit to find a studio near you. 

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