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No traditional workout can provide elite-level results in 36 minutes or less. No traditional fitness plan can match the efficiency of the FIT36® workout. We do high intensity interval training / HIIT and we do it like no one else. Once you HIIT at FIT36® Highlands, you won’t want to HIIT anywhere else.

We run 6 circuits focused on Strength, Power and Endurance with functional Push and Pull modality. 

This is modern training for the modern athlete. We use everything from kettle bells to TRX® and beyond, and we use it in intervals. We use movements you never thought existed. We use movements you use every day. Combined together, these movements can build strength and improve athleticism.

We have a certified personal trainer in each class to ensure proper technique and improve efficiency. Our movements are self-limiting, taking you to the max while prioritizing your safety. We don’t make you do what you can’t do. We can make you better at what you can do.

Heart rate monitors are available to keep you in the proper anaerobic zone throughout the workout. Your heart rate can be displayed on a screen during the workout to allow the trainer, and yourself, to monitor your progress and maximize your workout.

We’re looking for someone just like you to join our community in Highlands. Visit our studio to get started with the next level in fitness.

MINDBODY Visionary Award Winner

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri   5:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Sat - Sun   8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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