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Our Trainers

Lindsey G


Hello all! My name is Lindsey - I started my journey with playing sports my whole life, went to school for pre nursing - then life happened and I finally decided to take a leap of faith to fulfill my fitness career. My family has been a huge reason why I decided to be a trainer. They’ve showed me that HEALTH is more important than ‘looking’ healthy - which is why I do what I do; to help one person at a time become a healthier version of themselves. 


There’s something about being part of someone’s journey of becoming stronger, healthier & confident that truly makes me love what i do. I care about my clients as I care about my family and friends. I want you to succeed by accomplishing any health and fitness goal you have. Lets keep it simple as I like to say, and get it done! Let me help you start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.